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Arbitration & Claims Facilitators

Dispute resolution has become a popular way to identify the root cause of a problem and to build a solution strategy – both in and out of the business world. The three resolution processes are facilitation, mediation and arbitration.

In some environments this is accomplished by a mediator or arbitrator. Mediators act as neutrals to reconcile differences before proceeding to arbitration or litigation. Arbitrators act as neutral third parties to hear the evidence and decide the case. Arbitration can be binding or non-binding.

Because both mediation and arbitration can have legal connotations, it is often a wise step to consider the services of a professional facilitator as a first step. Many issues can be handled by simply having two or more people talk to one another. Facilitation can, in many instances, help drive progress in a project. A facilitator can skillfully guide the discussion so that those with differing viewpoints can be involved in a conversation of mutual respect.

The first thing all three intermediaries should have in common is an unbiased and objective nature. The third party to the dispute resolution session should have no hidden agendas or prepared statements.

As the facilitator’s we focus on helping the parties collaborate. Sensing how people are feeling and understanding how to respond to a particular situation is a critical skill of BCM group as facilitators.

At BCM group we stay neutral at all costs and detach ourselves from the topic, encoraging everyone’s opinions to make sure that they do not make statements that may be interpreted as judgments.

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